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Massage Therapy

John Forde, RMT - Owner of The Apollo Clinic and Developer of P3 Cream.

John Forde
John graduated from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in 1992 and began his massage therapy practice in the Lower Mainland. In 1995, after finishing a stretch of work as a trainer with the Vancouver Canucks, he opened his first massage therapy clinic in Abbotsford. John believes that in addition to providing excellent individualized patient care within the clinic, it is important to give back to the community by volunteering at community events.  With that philosophy in mind, he has been an active volunteer for over twenty years, providing massage therapy services for events such as the Abbotsford Police Run, the Run for Water, the Snowball Basketball Tournament, Muay Thai boxing, amongst many others.  He has even combined his love of horses and manual therapy when he worked preparing race horses for the track! In June 2005, John also introduced P3, an all-natural, alcohol-free analgesic sports cream to the Canadian public.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, John is a very involved husband and father of three who is passionate about playing music and staying active in the gym!

Katie Dykshoorn, RMT

A graduate of Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy, Katie has been practicing massage therapy since 2002. One of her main focuses is to reduce muscle imbalances created by everyday life, work, and sports. Katie strives to reduce muscle tightness before injuries occur by keeping muscles soft, pliable, and elastic. She has worked with clients with overuse injuries, sports injuries, post surgery, post-trauma, headaches, and much more. Katie has volunteered her skills as a massage therapist with the Pilots Junior B Hockey team as well as at numerous other sporting events within the community. She is currently the head coach for the Abbotsford Christian women's volleyball team. In her spare time, Katie enjoys playing volleyball, riding horses, hiking, kayaking, and snowboarding.

Brent Robinson, RMT

Brent has been practicing massage therapy in the Fraser Valley for over 20 years since graduating from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in 1994. He has been certified in the Graston Technique since 2013, a method of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization, which includes diagnostic and therapeutic applications and procedures. He uses various orthopedic and arthrokinetic techniques along with remedial exercises to address muscle/joint imbalances and injuries. Brent is an avid runner who works extensively with local running groups, focusing on the biomechanics of running and injury prevention. With his experience as a former personal trainer and an extensive background in strength training, cycling, hiking, and running, he has used his expertise to develop numerous training programs for individuals within the community.

Chelsey Raine, RMT

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Steve Brown, RMT


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Karen Chang, RMT

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Sammie Cummings, RMT


Sammie Cummings (nee: Loewen) is a recent graduate from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in 2015. She is excited to begin her career in massage therapy, and is interested in working with a wide variety of clients. In particular, she looks forward to working with athletes and helping them through recovery, in addition to keeping them healthy and preventing injuries. Throughout her education she enjoyed the opportunity to work with a diverse range of clients from UBC varsity athletes, to participants at charity events, to residents of retirement homes and individuals with Multiple Sclerosis. Sammie also enjoys staying active in her spare time, playing hockey and baseball, and staying fit at the gym.


Karolyn Chiasson BSc. PT, CAFCI

Karolyn graduated from the University of Western Ontario in 1997 with her BSc. PT and has been caring for clients at The Apollo Clinic since 2002. She has completed numerous postgraduate courses in manual therapy and exercise rehabilitation and also has her certification in acupuncture. In addition to many years of experience in Return-to-Work rehabilitation involving WCB and ICBC injuries, Karolyn also treats a number of private clients of all age ranges.

Marilyn Wisotzki BSc. PT, FCAMPT, CAFCI

Marilyn graduated from the University of Western Ontario in 1997. She was certified in Anatomical Acupuncture in 1999 and received her Advanced Diploma in Manual and Manipulative Therapy in 2005. Marilyn has taken numerous courses with a focus on orthopaedics. Over the past 13 years, Marilyn has treated patients with sports injuries, work related injuries, and motor vehicle accident injuries.

Jeff Brown, BSc. MPT.

Jeff obtained his Masters of Physical Therapy in 2013 after completing his Bachelor of Science in Biology in 2009, both at the University of British Columbia. During his education, Jeff worked as a trainer for the Richmond Roadrunners Lacrosse Junior B Intermediate A teams.  Currently, he is involved with the Abbotsford Rugby Football Club.

Jeff has a strong interest in managing orthopaedic injuries as well as taking a proactive approach in minimizing the risk of developing an injury. He uses a combination of manual therapy, education, and exercise prescription. He has begun postgraduate training in manual therapy, Mulligan techniques, and dynamic taping. Jeff will continue to pursue his interests in injury and education through the Orthopaedic Division of Physical Therapy in Canada.

Outside of the clinic, Jeff keeps himself active by hiking, playing hockey and squash, and participating in many other outdoor activities.

Dr. Lois Lochhead, PT, MSc, PhD, Registered Physiotherapist

Women's Health/Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation

Real-Time Ultrasound Imaging

Lois recently completed her PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of British Columbia where 31 years ago she also completed her BSR in Physiotherapy. Her doctoral research focused on the function of abdominal, low back and pelvic floor muscles using Real-Time Ultrasound Imaging (RTUS). This is a great tool for viewing these deep stabilizing muscles in both resting and contracted states.

In practice, Lois uses RTUS to assess and treat women and men with low back, pelvic floor, groin, hip and pelvic/tailbone issues. The pelvic floor can be visualized through the abdominal wall (with a full bladder) which is a less invasive way to assess pelvic floor muscles when compared with internal pelvic examination. However, when such an examination is warranted, Lois is fully qualified to perform internal assessments. She also has expertise in the management and treatment of female bladder and bowel control, vaginal/genital/rectal pain, as well as perinatal low back, pubic or groin pain. She provides treatment for conditions such as painful intercourse, vulvodynia, and pelvic organ prolapse. Her treatment approach combines manual therapy and myofascial release techniques along with training of the deep stabilizers of the low back, abdomen and pelvic floor using RTUS to provide biofeedback ensuring correct exercise performance.

Lois's practice is limited to treatment of women only.

When not in the clinic, Lois can be found chasing a little white ball down the fairway or hitting the road on her bicycle.


Elaine Yagi, BA.(Hon.), M.A., D.C.

Elaine Yagi
Elaine has been a member of The Apollo Clinic team for 12 years. She attained her Bachelor's Degree with honors and moved on to complete her Chiropractic Degree from Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in 2001. Elaine prides herself on her unique level of client care. A typical session with her involves a full 30 minute session where she not only manipulates the joint but uses active release techniques and postural education to effectively treat the injury to limit the chance of reoccurrence. In her spare time, Elaine enjoys numerous outdoor adventures.


Sharon Fast, B.Sc., R.D., METS


Sharon has a Bachelor of Science degree in dietetics, is a level 2 certified metabolic efficiency training specialist, and is an ISAK 1 certified anthropometrist.  She is also a member of both Dietitians of Canada and the College of Dietitians of British Columbia.  Sharon is a registered dietitian who focuses on providing current, evidence-based recommendations to empower individuals to meet their nutrition and performance goals.  As an elite Spartan Race competitor, Sharon puts into practice the principles she teaches.  In her 2014 racing season, she placed in the top 150 elite female competitors in North America.  Book a FREE 15 minute consultation with Sharon today to learn how you can achieve your own nutrition and performance objectives.


Jennilee Mattson

Reception and Administration

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